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BIOTECHNOLOGY – The New Indispensable field in Science

Biotechnology for a layman can be understood as the use of technology in the field of Biology. The term Biotechnology was used for the first time by Karl Erkey, a Hungarian Engineer, in 1919 and later on defined by many scientists according to their own understanding. Today it can be considered as equivalent to mobile phones – Indispensable. It is everywhere, from the growing demand of improved quality of food, beverages to medicines, curing diseases, environment, life and even handling scientific data in the form of databases. It can no longer be ignored as it holds an unprecedented potential to serve and benefit the humanity. Using developments in various technologies, scientists have been able to use living organism (dead or live) or their products for ...
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MICROBIOLOGY – Study of Organisms

Deep knowledge of Microbiology is required for understanding of Biotechnology.As the name suggests, Microbiology is an exceptionally broad discipline that deals with the study of organisms that are usually too small to be seen by the naked eye- unicellular organisms (single celled), multicellular (multiple celled) and acellular (lacking cells) . It employs techniques—such as sterilization, fermentation and the use of culture media—that are required to isolate and grow these microorganisms. Microbiology, a large discipline, has a great impact on other areas of biology (like cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, taxonomy, genetics, food and industrial biotechnology) and general human welfare. Our Society benefits from this field in many ways. They are necessary for the production of bread, cheese, beer and other beverages, antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, enzymes, ...
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IMMUNOLOGY – Science of Immunity

Immunology is the science which deals with the study of immune system of all organisms. How the immune system behaves in certain conditions, what reactions occur in the body when a foreign element enters the body and how the body defends itself is all covered in this field. To live a healthy life we need to stay fit and in order to do that our immune system must be in proper order. That’s where Immunology comes into picture! It deals with the functioning of immune system in both healthy and diseased conditions, malfunctions in immunological disorders like hypersensitivity, autoimmune diseases, transplant rejections. Immunity is the ability of an organism to resist infections from pathogens. When a person is healthy, the immune system helps the body ...
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National Institute of Immunology

Senior Research Fellow – National Institute of Immunology

The National Institute of Immunology is looking for an interested candidate for the position of Senior Research Fellow for project titled “Centre for Molecular Medicine” funded by DBT. Position Requirements: M.Sc/M.Tech in Life sciences with two years of research experience. Candidates should have experience in Cancer Cell line culture, Immunohistochemistry, Real Time PCR, Western Blotting and animal handling. Employer National Institute of Immunology Posted 18-12-2016 Location Delhi Discipline NA Salary Rs. 28,000/- consolidated p.m. plus 30% HRA if qualified any National Level Examination Official Notice Click Here How to apply: Interested candidates may apply directly, STRICTLY IN THE PRESCRIBED FORMAT GIVEN BELOW, through e-mail, to the Investigator of the project, clearly indicating the name of the project along with their complete C.V., e-mail id, fax numbers, ...
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Critical Evaluation Document Topics

Critical Evaluation Document Topics Beginners iOS Progress: Objective C Manual for Builders Another fantastic addition to the request development training that was iPhone set. This Novices information to objective-c training string is supposed for iOS developers who know coding that is objectoriented and addresses every one of the ideas in Objectivec that you'll require to know study programming and to be able to use the dialect ...
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Producing and acquiring On-Line Documents and Essays

You may possibly talk with your self in Language if you're scared to speak to other persons. There is the main thing that results in achievement studying English that it often methods English. When it's troublesome that you simply understand by your self, then obtain a tutor. Today, there are a lot of websites which we may understand British. The article ought to be well organised, with an introduction and a suitable conclusion and must be written within a great register and tone ...
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The Most Popular Software seems for the potential

If you begin seeking English article aid and support, you may well be tripped with numerous solutions. In this regard, it truly is crucial to see that writing English documents is vital for the total achievement of pupils at school or university. ESL Pupils must be determined because essay writing is among the most important features of your university education. The cause is rather easy because Language essays should fulfill certain demands of your own college or university. Eventually, we'll offer you your Language essay in period and, furthermore, you'll have time to read your composition and request revision if desired. Essays may undoubtedly play an indispensable role for assorted functions. Achieving a trusted Language article begins with producing a really simple buy from our ...
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Conditions Associated with Ribosomes

Essayservicewriting is an essay writing service which cares about its clients and endeavor to keep the high quality level high. It's unnecessary to speak about reductions and completely free features when this is among the most economical essay writing solutions accessible available on the market ...
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