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Once out of high school students are very often faced with dilemma of selecting the right institute which will help move towards the right path & shape their career. Most of the information available on internet is scattered and pupils have to spend hours to gather information & identify the institute most suitable for their interests. At least 80% of the wrong decisions can be accounted to lack of complete knowledge. Biotech Mill has compiled this page for the benefit of students who are new and old in the field of Biotechnology, to provide you with the power of information, so that you don’t miss out on all the options available.

New Institutes are being added on a daily basis. Currently our team is focused on job openings in the regions of: India, US, Europe, Australia. Users are requested to contribute by adding their institutes using the List your Institute button.

APPEAL: We appeal to present students, alumni and teachers to Vote, Comment and Share Views about your institutes for the general benefit of the younger generation, new students and ever growing people interested in making career in Biotechnology, so that they have the right kind of information to make Informed Decisions!!!.

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